Sunday, March 05, 2006

More evidence in the case against Google

The more photographs I take, the more I prove my point. Surely?

Look, here's what happened.

Larry & Serge were cycling through Tibet one day, and conversation went like this:

Larry: OK, so we've got the concept - a search engine - and the name - Google. What's missing?

Serge: Err, like a logo, dude.

Larry: Darn it Serge you're right.

Serge: Hey Larry, look over there at that pile of stones. See those nice carvings with each letter in a nice bold color? [Yes, color, not colour, we're Over There, remember.] That would be perfect!

Larry: But it's all in Tibetan.

Serge: Yeah, dumb-ass, we could change the letters around a bit so it spells 'Google'.

Larry: OK, perfect. What about intellectual property rights in the logo design?

Serge: You think they've heard of intellectual property rights out here?

Larry: Good point. Do no evil, dude!

They rub their hands together greedily.

For more on this, see several other posts below.

This photograph was taken on 4th March 2006, a few kilometres south of Dege. No, I have not paid any royalties to the stone-masons.

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