Friday, March 10, 2006

Hash browns

Food is a bit of a problem round here.

I wake up in the mornings thinking "Oh no, do I really have to EAT again today?"

There's just nothing going that you'd really look forward to. Eating becomes a chore, like filling up the car with petrol.

There is one place in town which serves one vaguely appetising dish - the old stand-by, chao tudou si, or fried shredded potatoes. Just like hash browns, right? Alas not. I have given up trying to persuade them to fry the shreds a little beyond raw-but-soggy. That's just how they like them here. "Fry more! Fry more!" I exhorted, in my sadly-not-quite-perfect Chinese.

Result: they fried more potatoes the same amount, rather than frying the same amount of potatoes more. If you follow my meaning.

So this is what I eat, every day:

The tea they serve, in that little metal mug, is really good, though.


  1. That's horrific! The great pleasure of cycling is consuming huge amounts of beers, wurst, bread, rich chocolate cake, creamy pastas, crips roast potatoes, not to mention wine and spirits, all without getting fat.
    I was going to fly out and join you, but I've decided against. Sorry.

  2. Ed! You are supposed to gain weight! Eat something please! Build a desent meal. Then spend the rest of the day drinking "liang kuai" beer. Oh that was a joke.

    Been back to the mountain top again today,last time I had to spend three days in bed afterwards with a mini flu. It was cold and windy again.
    100% Wool is just about the best you can get,so why don`t you get one of the ladies in town to knit you a ski-mask,long-johns and some more socks? It will keep you less cold in your sleeping bag at night.

    Remember the sun on the snow will burn your skin away.

    I was hoping for some tecknical calming words on the state of your rear wheel. My questions were on the motorcycle/large underpants comments.

  3. Dear Ed,
    since you seem to have too much time on your hands, and are in need of nourishment - just remember things could be worse. Visit and marvel at the ghastly food available on dodgy airlines. Then marvel at the fact that a LOT of people seem to take pleasure from photographing their on-board fare. Oh dearie me.

  4. Asmund, it's OK, the cracks in my rear rim are being held together by all the dust. I'm sure they'll hold for another 10,000 km.