Wednesday, March 08, 2006

For your own safety

Got back to the Dege Hotel a bit late last night.

Around 1 am, in fact - such was my dedication to getting this blog updated.

Just nipping up the stairs, when Mr Laoban - that's the boss - barks at me.

And proceeds to give me a 10 minute bollocking for being 'too late'.

At the end of much fist-shaking, clock-pointing, etc., he explains that this is 'for my own safety'.

Everything in China that is designed for your maximum, arbitrary inconvenience is 'for your own safety'.

Much the same applies in the UK, come to think of it, though, wot wiv the elf and safety anall.


  1. When I hear the words Health and Safety I reach for my gun.

  2. I find half a housebrick much more of a personal touch as people are just not frightened by guns anymore.

  3. What is the world coming to? Gun reaching, brick bashing loons.