Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day 207 - cycling from Manigango to San Sa He

Start: Manigango, Sichuan, China
End: San Sa He (truck stop), Sichuan, China
Distance: 61km
Time: 4'41"
Avg: 13 k/h
Max: 45 k/h
Total: 9930 km
Total riding days: 118
Riding hours: 1145 - 1715

Manigango is the sort of town that would be a one-horse town, were it not full of horses. And dogs, and yaks.

From here, the scenery changes from the deep cut gorges of the Yangtze/Jinshajiang valley to more open, higher, rolling grassland. At this time of year, everything is very dry and brown.

Another pass, and a kicking headwind.

After yesterday's experience, I keep my shades on today.

Giant hamsters, or are they dwarf elephants, are everywhere on the frozen tundra-prairie.

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  1. Shame you didn't bring any hunting equipment. I hear hamster stew is really quite tasty...