Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day 209 - Zhong Qu to Shiqu by bicycle

Start: Zhong Qu, Sichuan, China (this place is called Zhong Qu on the map, but not by anybody else. But it does exist, and you can get food, and lodging of a sort, there.)
End: Shiqu (aka Serxu, Sherxul), far north-western Sichuan, China
Distance: 75 km
Time: 5'48"
Avg: 12.9 k/h
Max: 30 k/h
Total: 10,093 km
Total riding days: 120
Riding hours: 0940 - 1630

I forgot to say I went past 10,000 km since Shanghai yesterday. About bloody time.

OK, figure this one for me.

I began the day riding east. I had a headwind.

Then the road turned north-east. Headwind.

Then north. Headwind.

Then north-west. Headwind.

Then west. Headwind.

Then southwest. I had a headwind.

Someone want to tell me what is going on here? I didn't know Messrs Sod, Murphy and Butterside-Down had a franchise going in China.

People like to talk about the butterfly effect, whereby a butterfly can flap his tiny wings in Bolivia and send a typhoon sailing up the South China Sea.

Any Bolivians reading, could you encourage your local lepidoptera to beat their little winglets to a different tune, please?

Darn cold all day. Shiqu must be the remotest, coldest, bleakest, why-the-hell-did-you-built-it-there-est county town in all of China.

But it has a nice hotel. With radiators.

No heat in the radiators, but they're a nice touch, all the same.

This is the road to Shiqu, before the really bleak bit. Looks quite nice, unless your computer has got wind too.

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