Thursday, March 09, 2006

One for the cricketers: howzat?

Fielders go up for a bat-pad catch. Umpire says Not Out - he's not sure if there was any bat involved, so the benefit of the doubt goes to the batsman.
So the fielders go up a second time, this time for LBW: if there was no contact with bat, then it was plumb. But the umpire still says Not Out - he's not sure if there was any bat involved or not, so benefit of the doubt, again, goes to the batsman.
Is this right? The batsman is definitely out, one way or the other (either caught, or LBW), but because the umpire can't be sure of which, he has to give it not out.
Comments please? This has been bugging me for years, and the Bearded Wonder has consistently refused to help.


  1. I notice that I have been dubbed "the Bearded Wonder Jnr" on the Guardian's OBO - but by Bearded Wonder I mean of course the Bill Frindall, the BBC's resident cricket statistician.

  2. I meant simply that you had a beard and like cricket. Quite a compliment really - didn't mean to imply that Bill Frindall was actually your father.