Sunday, March 19, 2006

More help from the government

Either Rod Liddle is having us on, or the latest poster campaign from the government really is final and conclusive evidence that they really have, completely and totally, lost it.

I'm talking about this - 5th and 4th paragraphs up from the bottom.

I have been out of the UK for just over two years now, so perhaps I am missing something. But really? A poster campaign like that, to inform comrades that raping one another is, on balance, undesirable behaviour and bad for morale?

Perhaps we should also have campaigns featuring notices pinned on front doors saying "No burglaring, please", or signs hanging round necks saying "If it's all the same with you, old chap, would you mind awfully not murdering me?"

I wil remain in Dege until somebody tells me that this is a spoof.

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