Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You may not care, but...

England have just beaten India by 212 runs.

And that is a jolly good thing. If you like cricket. And are English.

If you don't, or aren't, then here's a picture of the Potato Service Hotel in Zhaoxing, China.

It so nearly says 'The Ding Dong Sing Song', too.

Yup, it's win-win here on 2wheels.


  1. Ed

    'The Ding Dong Sing Song' sounds like a hell of a lot more fun then 22 blokes knocking a little red leather ball about a field.

    How are you feet Ed? Has England’s cricket victory managed to make them feel any better? I trust you didn't try to kick that dog with them last night!

    Hope your case Ebola-rabies-bird-flu clears up before you reach blighty; we've got some pretty strong quarantine/immigration laws now. I believe King Tony's looking into using camp x-ray to prevent the bird flu threat reaching the mainland; so it'll be special rendition for you my boy!


    Peter M.

  2. You can keep the cricket but book me a room i'm on my way to see the ding dong song it sounds brill.

    Peter M is right The Emperor has made a public statement " Bird flu will (short pause) be stopped, (short pause hand gesture)we in the government. (take off glasses fold and put in jacket pocket) Have taken every precaution. I (smile) have sent John Prescott to give all birds some night nurse it is all under control!

    (If that fails we'll just dig a big pit wring all their necks cover'em in petrol, diesel and coal we import from china and burn them like we did the cows! Job done.)

    Any questions? No! well I'm off then see how the knighthood shop is doing... we've installed a creditcard machine to speed things up. Bye

  3. Ed!

    Yesterdays bleach comment: It was the SMELL of bleach dogs supposedly don`t like. The smell of bleach from a rag or something. For them it supposedly represents the smell of danger,compared to the smell of fear that comes from me and most other people in the same situation.
    I guess bleach is kind of dangerous,so don`t play around with it.

    I have a little test you can use to figure out if the locals think you have "six bullets in your gun".
    In 91 I cycled through Guatemala on my way from the US to Venezuela. Some areas of Guatemala still had guerilla warfare so slightly cowardly I cycled on the road not far from the Pacific,where it was supposed to be safer. Hurrying to get to the "safety" of El Salvador where the civil war was nearly over.

    I was prepared to see troubble so when I saw some dead men lying in a street in a town I was not surprised. I remember I got a bit annoyed that they would not remove their dead from the sun and bury them or burn them. Coming back the same street a few hours later they were beeing removed - by themself! They had been dead drunk!
    Oh boy,do the men of Guatemala know how to drink!

    Sorry. The test. I know.
    I played it safe,but later I met an American cyclist who had been cycling in the areas of Guatemala where they were still fighting. I wondered how he had survived. He told me he came to a village where the people tried to persuade him to stop because of deadly trouble further down the road. He stupidly wanted to go on. But when several of the women started to cry,he changed his mind. As a slightly dissliked Gringo,he knew that if the locals started to cry for him upon hearing his destination,then his days or even hours would be numbered. So he took another and much safer road and probably saved his own life.

    The Tibetan women in the villages you are passing through,must be among the worlds toughest. If they start to cry when they hear you are going on a track into and across the snowy mountains,then you should know you have "six bullets in your gun".

    If the last village before the wilderness is a hostile village,then they may just be grinning in a wishful way. That could be just as bad as women crying. Not that anyone would harm you in any way,but they would know that the chanses would be "good" that you within a few days no longer would need your belongings... So someone would come and look for them. Morally wrong to take them,but they probably have a ill child in the village that needs costly medicine or some other just cause. And it would be morally wrong not to help that child if they could. No matter how good intentions,it would still be a very serious crime when done to a foreigner. So they probably would take a sertain tool with them to give you a proper "sky b." and hide the rest afterwards.

    Oh no! There my writing became a bit grotesque again!

    But the "Guatemalan Test" is kind of good. I never noticed any locals crying over my planned route,nor have I noticed anyone getting "criminally happy" either.
    Sometimes people say the possible is impossible and sometimes they say the impossible is possible. What we can do on a bike they don`t really know.
    But they know we are only humans,so a bullet or a bad blizzard will kill us just as easily as anyone else.

    So Ed,keep your eyes,ears and mind open for the "GT"!


  4. I just read that and it's makes slightly less sense than a bowl of alphabetti spagetti... Asmund can you write that again but for the hard of stupid so I have a chance of understanding that???

    I don't think that Ed should go off and buy a gun with or without bullets.

    Also the locals are probably crying as Ed only has a green jumper and that's so last year. If he was wearing some nice Arctyx gear they might well be interested him doing him in. One green jumper, second hand tent and a push bike with a knackered rim hardly worth it!

  5. Asmund, do you never tire of warning Edward of his impending slow and painful death?

  6. Say what you must about Asmund's rambling but I for one love the thought of someone being "criminally happy" that's a real gem.

    Wow! What a state of joy that conjures in ones mind.

    Do you think it could be the route of Asmund's mental problems; he might be in a permanent state of criminal happiness?

  7. loiq, go easy on Ol' Rubbergloves.

    The man writes 10,000 words in what is to him a foreign language, before breakfast, every day, come rain, shine, or haddock.

    For that, he has my respec'.

  8. Please do not forget I'm the foreigner here too! I think i could qualify as a financial migrant and I'm dyslexic. So if gives me a certain amount of leaway. I would almost say a trump card, I also actually am in possession of a passport to prove I'm totally foreign.

    I will say Asmund does get that awrd for typing, hands down winner and I have plenty of time for his writing but do wonder what it all means.