Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sorry, but this was just sensational

Sorry, it's cricket, and this is supposed to be about bicycles, I know.

And yes, India have just walloped England in the test match.

But who cares?

Australia scored a world-record-demolishing 434 in 50 overs.

And then South Africa trotted along and got 438 in 49.5 - with 9 wickets down.

And I was there. Sort of. Watching the scores fly by on What a game.

Come on, look at the moment of victory and tell me that this wasn't something.


  1. *Vacant expression* Er... Yeah...

    Don't you have other things to be getting on with, out there in Tibet?


  2. how much does it cost for 30-60 minutes of wangering about? cos while I would like to say it's Cricket I must also say it's dull.

    Can't wait for Uncle Sam to take over Britain then atleast they'll have the world series mega bowl rose cup conference cricket sorted with Witney Houston singing the national anthem of the New McBritain franchise. President Bleur will say it's okay to own 4x4 pickup truck with fuel consumption of around 3 miles to gallon. We can all have cool names like cletus and elmer, play the banjo and have loads of guns.

    The global warming will then hurry up and I can leave Inverness as I'm snowed in up to my R's.

  3. Bring back veg talk.

  4. Bring back veg talk.