Friday, March 24, 2006


On the off-chance that I actually get out of bed in time to leave town tomorrow, I leave you with news that -

My route from here takes me via Manigango, Serxu, and Yushu. The last of these three should be about eight days' ride away from here.

[And if you don't like it, PG, you can lump it. If I am hit by a meteorite en route, it's your turn to laugh.]

While I am away, Asmund/PG will probably keep you entertained.

But, failing that, why not whip out your wallets and make a small donation to Force Cancer Charity, or to Sustrans ?

(Yes, I'm doing a sponsored Stay-In-Dege.)


Oh, and, err, here's me, two years ago to the day (24th March 2004), posing at Donaueschingen in Germany - famous for not being the source of the river Danube, and a major way-point on the Exeter-Hong Kong Highway.

(Yes, I had good cold-weather gear then, before the Mongolian pinched them all. I'm doing Tibet in a bikini, now, Asmund.)


  1. You might want to oil the chain, check the tyres and test the breaks before you leave?

    Look forward to your next post mate.