Sunday, March 19, 2006

In praise of... France

This is probably very old.

But I laughed anyway.

Go on, try it: Google "French Military Victories".

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  1. not having a military victory of your own, does not mean you did not sell the weapons to the eventual victor.

    It should be pointed out that France is a top 5 player in the arms export game and you don't get there for coming second in a gunfight.

  2. They're pretty handy at sinking ships in harbours as well.

    Especially if the ship in question might get in the way of testing their latest bit of doomsday equipment!

  3. Yup that's a good point but they should use a better get away vehicles bikes, striped shirts, beret, string of garlic shouting "Hee-Haw-hee-haw iit wass nut uss! sat maed zee big bang!" is all old hat now everyone knows what french people look like.

    The hotel built on top of said Doomsday test area is very nice from the brochure! they give you radiation badges at reception free of charge. Also very nice glow over the ocean just after sunset from the easterly sky!

    Would recommend it to anyone who already has a terminal illness as it won't affect you at all.

  4. I know for a fact the green peace ship had english lamb onboard so it was a justified act to protect french farmers.

    got to love the french! they all speak english you know! They're just waiting for you to say "bloody french!" then it's Right sir! get your suitcase open and lets have a jolly good look at all your belongings at the side of the motorway which you english piiig are paying for to drive on... hahahahahahaha....