Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We are now in real time, folks

And with that last post, this blog is now up to date for the first time in more than a month.

Hope you're enjoying the new full-colour-on-every-page design.

Any contributions to my internet cafe bill welcome...
E. Genochio/Nationwide/07-01-16/26646917

Thanks, folks!


  1. The photos have not gone unnoticed!

  2. the photo's are rather good, I've mailled lots to people to have a look. have you considered putting things you find along the way on Ebay? to raise funds? Like the old chaps hat, had you got that on ebay it could have raised £10 or about $18 plus postage and handling fees...

    Hold a charity auction along the way, only idea and abit random like my daughter saying you should get some dred's for the beard. (To make the most of the pirate look)

    all the best I'm away for 10 days and hope the next leg goes well!

    All the best from darkest surrey...