Thursday, March 23, 2006

Money rides on this one

Right, so I says, Invernessshire has got to have 3 esses in it, innit?
But this other geezer is like no way, you can't have 3 esses in a row, it's Invernesshire.
So far, Google gives it to me by 83,900 to 61,900.
But that's a pretty close call.
Anyone got a twocentsworth on this?


  1. You can find even words that don't exist, and many a split infinitive and suspended participle through google.

    I am, however, looking into it further...

  2. I've just come back from there and I saw no road signs with Invernessshire on them! Or Inverness Shire or Inverness-ness At all!

    So I would not bet the farm on it!

    If could be bothered I would dig out the job sheet as it's got some other name like Grampian and blah-blah...

  3. Edward

    Inverness is in the Highland region; there's no such area as Invernessssssshire! Bloody typical of Google to have reference to it though; I'll bet they've got Edinborough on there too.

    You'll be arguing over the spelling of Cleckhudersfax next which everyone knows is in God’s own county of Yorkshire.

    Best wishes

    Bernard Ingham

  4. PS

    Try googleing Cleckhuddersfax you'll get 6000 and odd refs for this!

    Amazing what crap's been generated in so called cyberspace, I hope it is infinate just like real space or it'll burst soon!

    Bernard I AKA Peter M soon to appear as another washed out old pillock.

    Bye x

  5. Sadly I'm a bit wobbly on my Highland Council Areas. Cromarty, Angus, Sutherland, Morayshire(possibly invented by me), Kyle (i think), Rosshire, and Caithness

    Lots and lots of grass in Caithness. No trees though.

    P.S. I make no claim as to the actual accuracy of the above information.

  6. Oi, Ingham!

    I think there WAS such a thing as the county of Inverness[s]hire, even if it does not exist as a administrative entity today.

    A bit like Middles[s]ex and the Isle of Ely.

    In any case, NSNP is looking into it further, apparently, so we can look forward to the definitive answer soon.

    Yours with particles suspended,


  7. Yeah, Inverness(s)shire ain't no council or nowt. Does Aberdeenshire exist as an "administrative entity" as Edward would have it?

    Ah dinnae ken.