Thursday, March 09, 2006

Competition! Win a prize!

For some reason perhaps not entirely unconnected with the fact that cricket is not always a thrill-a-minute game - especially when the players are off the field for bad light, the Guardian's cricket page has been running a sweepstake on "Guess The Age of Edward Genochio".

Answers, in years and months, may be posted using the "comment" link below. A free subscription to my monthly email newsletter to the winner.


  1. Ed must be about 53 years and 7 months.... or 50 years and 7 months... or whatever age and 7 months. Oh, nice bike!!

  2. Are you 29?

    And yes, it is a nice bike.

  3. Ed! My main comment is under the P/A motorcyclist. Oh,is this for guessing your age? Let me see... "I can do it all - nothing can kill me". So I guess you are 14 years and 7 months? Am I right? Did I win?

  4. Wow Asmund, you're getting a bit spikey in your old age.

    Do you REALLY want me not to die THAT BADLY?