Sunday, March 19, 2006


Continuing my "Let's be nasty to our buddies the Americans" series...
Whatever happened to the Good Old Days?
You know, when you met Americans abroad and they were confident and proud to tell you that they came from God's Own Country, the Land of the Free and the Brave.
These days, you meet a yank and they come over all defensive.
"Hello, yes, sorry, I'm an American, but I didn't vote for Bush," is the opening line you get, even before you've told them you're a Socialist Worker/al-Qaeda kidnapper/member of the Dick Cheney Fan Club.
Something tells me that something has changed. Americans are going abroad and finding that people really don't like America any more.
Well, Georgie-Porgie - that's your foreign policy at work. The Department of Homeland Security, and, errr, the Department of Overseas Insecurity?
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