Sunday, March 19, 2006

Teflon Tony

You know what? That's not a bad tactic:

Announce that you're going to quit one day.

And then just, well, do whatever the hell you want.

And if anyone thinks you should resign (say, for being a scoundrel, a fraud, and a liar), you can tell them that you're going to, one day, anyway, so just get off my case, OK?

Matthew Parris really said it, I think: "I believe Tony Blair is an out-and-out rascal, terminally untrustworthy and close to being unhinged".

Now one thing that man doesn't mince is his words. (If 2wheels may be permitted one more little "homophobic" jokelet before Easter.)

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  1. Don't even get me started about this bloke...

  2. Grassy knowl - please do get started! We so enjoyed it last time.

  3. Oh, and if 2wheels may be permitted to climb once more onto his soapbox, can I suggest that the solution to this rumpus is NOT that political parties should be state-funded?

    I think we taxpayers, and, ahem, tax-exiles (that's why I'm on my bike, right) hear plenty from our poor cash-starved MPs and ministers. Perhaps they could try spending less money and getting on with their jobs, rather than setting up a taxpayer-funded subsidy for PR companies.

  4. Liars, cheats and thieves That's my summary. There's more but i can't get it all down in one sitting!

  5. Feet any better yet Edward?

    All my Love

    Peter X

  6. Homophobic jokes?

    A mate of mine came up with a great 'un the other. Picture the scene.

    A friend was just going on about how she'd been to a gay bar with her gay male friend, even though she's straight, and a few others said that they'd been too.

    Then she mentioned the 6 quid entry fee, which had me questioning, "why not just go to another pub where they don't charge an entrance fee?!"

    Apparently, it's not a bar, it's a club - but I still don't see the attraction...

    Conversation continued and they were all talking about how great this bar was, and how they'd like to sneak in. And so the following rung out to the eventual climax:

    "Sweet-talk the bouncer..."

    "Climb in the window."

    "Dig a tunnel"



    "Break in the back door!!*"

    Although I suppose you had to be there...

    *For those not in the know, "breaking in one's back door" is a reference to buggery

  7. Errr, thanks for that, new screen-name pending....

    keeping the tone nice and high.

  8. Back on my soapbox for a moment to note that Gavyn Davies today agrees with me.

    " we taxpayers really want to rescue the political parties from their ingenious financial activities of recent years? Many would take a very dim view of being forced to do so. And if that means far fewer tit-for-tat posters at election time, and less money wasted on focus groups, then so be it," he says.

    Couldn't have, and didn't, put it better myself.