Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ooh I say

My controversial decision to publish a photograph of my toes on this blog a few days ago has generated some lively feedback, most of it suggesting that I might like to look at my diet. Vitamin C, it seems, is the cure for most ailments.
So I wandered down to Dege market this morning and bought... cherry tomatoes.
You can take the boy out of Waitrose, but you can't take Waitrose out of the boy.

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  1. Not wishing to make myself or you sound silly but, have you any idea how many tomatoes you'd need to eat to get the vit C and mineral hit your body may well need?

    Thick jam with thick butter on thick soft starchy bread, Very good to fill the gaps between your toes if you eat it. Your foot looks like it should be webbed mate! Get down the cake shop and eat a Gatox, gatoe, gatoeox,gateaux, gat? are bolox big cake with cream and chocolate topping. triple thickness 800 plus calories is one scrummy hit...

    Then get down the pub 8 pints of heavy a kebab with fried mars bar topping.

    That's just for breakfast. Have root about there must be some other shops that offer tablets you need to have 1000mg jobs you can taken them short term but would say not a good long term solution as there are medical issues which I won't go into now. (suspected links to certain types of cancer is one, there are other which are worse...)

    Stay away from the dustbins outside your room it looks bad and is only self service for people with even more problems than you..

    Ginko biloa, garlic, and ginger you'll stink so bad no germs will come near you, nor these big dogs matey was on about. So you won't need to buy plastic tubes just breath on them, but your circulation needs a boost for sure and that's a fact. Also your metabolic rate is probably having a few issues as it's use to stripping everything it can after every meal so if your not stuffing enough in to meet demand it will take it from you... VERY BAD !!!

    the ginko and ginger are for circulation the garlic will help with inflamation and infections. Also makes your blood runny as altitude will make it sticky. This causes circulation problems, so get down the tatty and noodle shop get them brew you up a bucketful with extra garlic and side order of garlic. Also over hydrate so the water coming out is the same colour as the clean, clear water going in. (not yellow or even champagne Clear is what you want) This is also important it offers your body the chance to take minerals and vitamins out and flushes the toxins away cos you won't want them hanging about.

    Still in Scootland enjoying the northern hostility and great weather.