Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wangba Perils (part 2) - and today's quiz.

See that sign on the pillar?

"No Smoking, Please," it says.

Ha! I am three blog-posts away from lung cancer. Seriously. Passive smoking is big business here.

Sadly the snow is now tipping down outside, so the prospect of a quick getaway this afternoon looks, err, remote.

PS Today's quiz: 1920's British music hall artist H. Vernon Watson was better known as - what? And how, according to legend at least, did he hit on the name?

Clue: See above.

Post your answers using the 'comments' link below.


  1. Nosmo King (never heard of google ???)

  2. see

  3. Winning quizzes by Googlin' is against the spirit of the game.

    It's just not, err, cricket.

    But well done, yes.