Friday, March 24, 2006


You will all, I expect, have been as shocked as I was to read Asmund's extraordinary admission that he sometimes takes the boat.

Can we ever take a Norwegian explorer seriously again?

It is only a matter of time, I think, before it is revealed that his near-namesake Amundsen reached the South Pole by monorail. Forpulte norske hvaldreper.

What's your problem with swimming, Asmund?



Scared of the whales, is that it?


On a happier note, I think I have found the place where Asmund does his shopping.


  1. Ed!

    What a beautiful picture of pink and red gloves!
    I wonder,are they cotton lined?
    A tingling sensation is moving up and down my spine.
    But you will not sidetrack me from yesterdays important topic.
    Time and time again you have tried to get my mind off serious problems with picktures of my old pink gloves.
    It did not work,it will never work!
    I do not admitt to have a fetish about pink gloves.
    By the way,that was a very exiting combination of yellow and red colors!
    Is it for real?

    OK I will consentrate.

    By joking away yesterdays question, I get a feeling you admitted to plan to go across the high mountains in wintertime on a hardly ever used four wheel track.

    eh,eeeehonnoicannotconsentrate!cani printthepicture?howdoimakeitcomeout inglossycolors?ifeelhotandmyheartis beatingfast,maybeanewfluisonitsway? ihavetogototheshopandbuysomepink gloves!icanwearthemundermywoolen glovesuntilspringcomesinmay.noone wouldeverknow.somaybeidohaveaslight fetish?butwhohasnot?howmanymen sometimeswearswomenunderwearinthe britishparlament?andhowmanydoesit closetoeveryday?ohno,mi6willonce morebeouttosilenceme!ibetthethree secretagentssendtouttogetmein february,arestillinhospital.soi guesstheyhavetrainedsomemore doubleozeros.iftheynowgetbetweenme andtheclosinggloveshop,iwillget really,reallymad!pinkglovesforever! peace!asmund.

  2. Ed!

    I see you have challanged me to write something after you have left Dege. I will try to write not using any upsetting s. d. or k. words.

    By the way,I find it very hard to write this to you. First I have pink cotton lined gloves on,and over them my woolen gloves to hide them. So I am hitting all the wrong keys on the key board.
    In February this wangba got half it`s income from me,so I can do more or less what I want here.

    Can you put some more glove pictures on your blog? That would really make it a more enjoyable place to visit. Preferably new and unused gloves. Pink and bright yellow would really do the trick. Do you think you can find more of those partly red and partly yellow gloves? Find a glove seller in the sun so the colors really come out to play. If you want to fold in four fingers, then feel free. It`s your blog. But please don`t use blue or green gloves,they have the opposit effect on me.
    Can you do this in Serxu or at the latest in Yushu?
    Do you think I can find a woman somewhere on the net with similar interests?
    Thank you for providing me with my own private page on your blog.
    So far only Elvis has found me. People think he "has gone to the other side"(see no opsetting d.!), but I actually saw him in Las Vegas a few years ago. He was driving a delivery truck. I tried not to stare,and he completely ignored me.

    That glove picture thing,can you do it before you leave Yushu?
    And one more thing. Is it OK for me to print and keep all the pictures of me and the pictures of gloves + a few pictures of you to keep as a memory?
    But you have to give the permit before you leave Yushu.

    My hands are really warm. I have to go out into the snowstorm to cool down.

    Have fun!


  3. THaank you vurry muuch!

  4. Ed!

    Elvis was back last night! He was looking for a night snack. I said I did not have any.
    A bit sarcasticly I said he could visit Carl and ask him if he had some giant Snicker-bars to deep fry.
    How thoughtless of me!
    Just before he left I said greasy food and pills would kill him.
    I don`t think he believed me,but he was very polite anyway.
    I hope Carl gave him some healty food like carrots,corn on cob and bananas to deep fry.

    Now I am all alone at my private page again,I have just come out of the sauna and I am currently rolling around in the snow wearing nothing but my pink gloves.
    Glad you can`t see me?
    I know.

    Quite often I miss China. To come cycling into a town or a village and be bombarded with questions.
    Most of it Gibberish to me.
    But I would look for that one word that would prove to them that I am intelligent,filosofic and funny. There it comes. And here I go:

    "Mintien? Nali,nali mintien?"

    Well,at least some of them smiled.

    A few days out of Qumarleb you may ask yourself the same question.
    But this time it is not funny.
    The answer is this: There won`t be any.
    Not for you anyway. Sorry Ed!
    Please turn right at Xiwu!

    It is really cold,I hope no woman see me like this! I have to get into the sauna again.



    Take care Ed!


  5. Cool!

    me again, well the whole of Norway must be as black as badgers bum by now.

    So dance about to your hearts content in the snow in your gloves nobody will know.

    This is much funnier and no mention of death, kill, dogs, the GT test, freeze or pipes with bolts. Hold on a minute how do I know your the real Asmund? Or not some wierd internet, pervo, freak! Some scam merchant looking deceive people into giving out credit card details on the promise of get rich schemes which sound soooOOOOhhh! convincing! To prove your the real Asmund I need your mothers maiden name, your full address, a photocopy and orginal of your passport and all your credit cards and pin numbers I'll check them against known scammers details we have on file. Once I've completed my security check you can come and visit me the bahamas if you like. Bring the gloves as the dishes will need doing by the time you arrive I think.

  6. Is that you Bro?

  7. Elvis!

    Where are you?

    I don`t have any children of my own so I need to ask a father like yourself how young people react to advice.

    When you noticed your daughter Lisa - Maria meeting "Weirdo" Jackson quite often. And you begged her to stay away from him. How did she react? Did she follow your advice?

    And later when you warned her about Mr.Cage not beeing all that nice. And you one more time begged her to stay away,how did she react?
    By the way is she single now?

    And what about Pricilla?
    Do you think she would be interested in someone like me?
    Is she into pink gloves men?
    I think she is kind of Foxy!
    I am not interested in their money. They probably don`t have that much since you still are around.

    By the way,did you shoot a hole in the LCD TV last time you were in?

    I hope you can answer some of the questions. And I hope you don`t mind me looking for a mate in your own family. I spend so much time in this internet cafe,I have to look for my soul-mate on the net.

    By the way Elvis. You have been missing for 28 years. Where have you been? Did someone kidnap you and get you into a privat hospital?
    Hope you are feeling fine now.
    I resently saw "Walk the line" about your old pal Johnny Cash.
    He died two years ago if you did not know.
    You took pills allready in the 50`s didn`t you? Well if you don`t stop taking them you will die. Again.

    Got to go home and watch old reruns of something called Smith&Jones. It is British humor. Quite funny actually.

    Lay off greasy food and pills!



    (Carl,can you please try to get Elvis to eat something healthy? I am a bit worried about his health)

  8. I can't answer your questions in a public forum and should really consult my legal team as I'm still in dispute with EPE Inc. (Elvis Presley Enterprizes) They keep telling everyone I'm dead! Can you believe it!I'm more than happy to meet you and try to answer some of your very interesting questions. I live near the Polar Bear Museum in Nord Kapp, it's very quiet here and I like it that way. I've turned my hands to knitting gloves for the local children when I have spare time.
    It's very rewarding and helps with the Arthritis in my hands.

    kind regards

    E.A. Presley Esq