Thursday, March 09, 2006

On the search

This is more fun than I thought.

A couple of days ago, scanning my blog-logs (no, don't worry), I noticed that someone had landed on the 2wheels website after googlin' for "How much luggage to carry to Mongolia"

And then someone else wanted to know about "Crazy things to do in England" - and also landed on 2wheels.

This morning, what do I find?

Someone in Singapore wants to know "How to steal a bicycle". And also winds up on 2wheels. Scum.

My top tip: get a pair of bolt-cutters, slice through someone's cable-lock, and leg it down to the local police station, hand yourself in and request the death penalty.

Other suggestions welcome, both on Crazy Things to do in England, and on How to Steal a Bicycle, via the comments link below.

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