Friday, March 17, 2006

Ceci n'est pas un touriste (after Magritte)

I am not a tourist.

I am not a tourist!

Loooook! I've got a TRIPOD!

That makes me a PHOTOGRAPHER! Right?


Not a tourist. OK?


I take pictures of poor people, and sell them to rich people, because rich people like to look at photographs of poor people - it makes them feel better.

Don't confuse me with a paparazzo, who takes pictures of rich people and sells them to poor people, because poor people like to look at photographs of rich people - it makes them feel better.

Here are some poor people, yesterday.


  1. actually, with your rosy cheeks and curly beard you look more like a woodcutter from a folk tale than a gritty documentarist and/or glossy paparazzino, least of all a tourist. Get choppin'.
    (NB Chop wood, not poor people).

    Ed J

  2. A tripod alone does not make you a photographer you need a camera, think about it. "Make me one with everything." took more than four takes to get that. I also don't get the hanging yak pictures either..

    But liked the pray flag factory did wonder who's job it was to make them...

  3. blimey - is that the same green jumper that you wore whilst wasting your degree on frisbee and lar's volvo?

  4. Thanks Ed,
    I needed a smile before closing up the house!
    Perhaps you could get an endorsement from a men's grooming product manufacturer to pay for your hotel bill?
    Or Guinness might have sponsored you to dye it green for St patrick's day?
    Your writing gets ever more pithy by the day (except for the cricket bits...)

  5. It is, indeed, the same green jumper that helped me to frisbee and volvo glory, and, err, slightly less glory in the degree department.


  6. It's a nice jumper. And I'm sure it keeps you nice and warm out there.