Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ceci n'est pas un touriste (Part Deux)

A few months ago, in Vietnam, I forget where exactly, but it was a touristy stay-in-a-real-ethnic-stilt-house-and-sleep-on-the-floor-for-the-real-authentic-experience sort of place, I asked a couple of fellow-guests if they had a guidebook I could borrow for a moment.
"Hallo, do you have a guidebook I could borrow for a moment?" was the gist of my chat-up line.
"WE'RE NOT TOURISTS!" was the squawked-in-unison shriek I got from the pair of yankee-doodles - not that I had so much as mentioned the T-word.
Frightfully sorry, chaps. Apparently they were English teachers in Hanoi, taking a weekend break.
Next time I'll just call them Bush-voting, father-raping morons - they'll be less offended, I think.
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