Thursday, March 09, 2006

Greetings Guardian OBO followers...

Nice of you to drop by.

Since the kind Mr Booth gave this website a mention a few minutes ago, I have had visitors from Latvia, Algeria, Korea, India, the United Arab Emirates, and even exotic Luxembourg - all firsts for 2wheels, I think.

Which goes to show what a global audience OBO must have. Good work, chaps.

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  1. And Slovakia

  2. "I think Ed Genochio should come clean, and I'm not referring to his facial hair," says John Kirby in Luxembourg.

    "On his site, he refers to Luxembourg as exotic and says he'll pass through if he's lucky. Is this sarcasm, a lack of marbles, or angling for a place to stay?"

    Err, (a) and (c), mostly, John? Got a spare sofa for a night in approx October?