Monday, March 13, 2006

Look away now

My toes hurt. So much that I couldn't sleep last night. It feels like thawing frost-bite. Both feet, it started in the big toes and has spread to all of them. What can it be? Gout?? You're not supposed to get gout at my tender age. I don't even drink red wine. Perhaps it's potato poisoning.

I wish I were a pobble.

Now, seriously, look away now.


Any doctors on board? What should I do? (Short of swimming the Bristol Channel.)


  1. No yet qualified as doctor but have white coat and stethoscope.

    I would say the following your feet are the skinniest I've seen in ages last person I examined to have feet that skinny was a 75 year old coffin dodger. So where's the meat? being skinny can have certain side effects you feel the cold more and it's effects on you will be increased.

    Possible conditions

    1. chilblains does it itch?
    2. Bad circulation
    3. Pressure from shoes rubbing against nerves and so inflaming them
    4. mild exposure

    Possible remedies

    1. R+R
    2. keep warm and plenty of food
    3. Wash feet in alternative hot and cold water with massage between sessions
    4. Get the Bus for abit symtomes tend to get worse rather than better without steps 1-3.

    consider vitamins and supplements such as ginger, garlic, ginseng, ginko biloba, multi- vitamins and fish oil.

    For further medical advice check Web MD as my office hours do not resume for a further 8 days.

    kind regards

    from darkest surrey currently posted to Scootland all covered in Snoow.

  2. Just to confirm my qualifications are MIRA (medicine in remote areas and it's validated by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh) some of my patients (which survived) have had a variety of things wrong. From standard cuts, breaks and intestinal disfunctions to some rather nasty looking blunt trauma. (Some of my other patients just did not get any better)

    So I'm qualified as can be but would say as by the way of disclaimer as I don't need to be sued by anyone. Medical advice comes with certain risks like everything in this world. If you take it as gospel it might be wrong. Not taking it also won't make a potential problem get better or go away! You have been told.

    "Don't come running to me when your feet get so painful you can't walk!"

  3. looks like raynauds in your feet. i get that in my hands. run them under luke warm water to bring them back to the proper temperature and see a rheumatologist.