Friday, March 24, 2006

The story so far

People have told me that there are too many in-jokes on 2wheels, and that newcomers won't know what's going on.

So, if you're a first-timer here, here's a quick summary:

The 2wheels blog is supposed to document Edward Genochio's attempt to ride a bicycle from China to England.

Nobody is quite sure why he is doing this, unless perhaps it is an attempt to prove that riding the other way, from England to China, in 2004 wasn't a fluke.

As such, this blog is usually phenomenally tedious and not really not worth interrupting your tea-break for. Typical entries go like this:

Monday. Got out of tent. Cycled a bit. Went to the lavatory. Got back in tent.

Tuesday. Got out of tent. Cycled a bit. Got back in tent. Didn't even go to the lavatory.

At the time of writing, he (me, in fact) is in Dege, a small town in the back of the Tibetan beyond.
He seems to have been stuck there for some time.

The route is supposed to go a little something like this:

From time to time things get a little more interesting, usually when Asmund, an escaped Norwegian lunatic also known as 'PG', decides to get involved.

Asmund's speciality is to list all the different ways there are of dying, and then to explain why the intrepid English cyclist (recently described in The Sun as a 'hero', under the really-rather-gripping headline British Cycle Hero is OK) will succumb to each of them.

Last month, Asmund's thesis was basically that I would be killed by the Tibetan winter, and I would be better off waiting till summer.

Now that spring approaches and I remain inexplicably alive, he has changed his tune and is now prophesying how the Tibetan summer will kill me, and I would be better off waiting till winter.

To follow this story, you really only need to know two things.

1. Asmund likes to wear pink gloves.
2. Asmund likes fish.



  1. I think Asmund has some explaining to do for not having warned you about the courgettes!

  2. In new, user-friendly 2wheels mode, I point you here for the full courgette story.

  3. Also Asmund never once said they have stacks of pool tables, are you sure he's not been dreaming all these journeys up?

    Has Asmund cycled on the moon? and is the second world war bomber still there? as reported in the totally reliable The Daily Sport.