Thursday, March 09, 2006

What people are looking for (Part 3)

Latest one off the wires: Large Underpants.

Which leads you right to 2wheels, naturally - here.

Or, to save you the trouble of clicking, to this:

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  1. Ed! On a boring day the Polish/American motorcyclist stopped and showed me his underpants. He told me about two boys and a girl cycling together. Way behind me. One of them had a broken rear rim... Since then you have broken two more rims,so I wonder what shape your rear rim is in now. No,not looking won`t make the problem go away. The man from Edmonton rebuilt my bike in 2004. But the rear wheel someone else in Chiang Mai built for me. I bet T. built a very good set of wheels for you,but he probably recommended that you should buy expensive touring built rims sendt in from Bangkok. You had not the time nor the money,so you probably ended up with rims built for a ordinary bike. Never meant to be on a heavily loaded touring bike. First you had the ever improving track from Huaxai to Luang Namta. Then you had 300-400 km with cobblestone between Jinghong and Dali,and lately you had xxx km with very bad tracks on your way to the high mountains further north. Single or double eyelets-I hate them all. And I guess that brand all the rims have eyelets? Then it`s the problem with metal in cold weather. I think it will crack more easily. So take a brush and look at it again in the sunlight. I read on LP the other day that the freehub you broke in Laos was a "no name" freehub! Ed you have to take this trip seriously or you won`t make it! I hope your replacement was Shimano LX or XT. Did you get DT spokes in C.M.?