Friday, March 03, 2006

Why Weren't We Warned?

(A question commonly asked, appropriately in this Norwegian context, of Michael Fish.)

(Michael Fish was a BBC weatherman who failed to spot a hurricane, for any non-Brits reading.)

But in this case, what I want to know is: PG, why didn't you TELL me it was going to be chilly up there? If only I had known in advance, I could have gone to Lanzarote instead.

(Pass # 1 - see also post dated 19th Feb.)


  1. It wasn't a hurricane, it was hurricane force winds, which, yes, M'sieur Poisson failed to warn us about...

  2. Oh come now Heather, you really can be a nit-picker on your day, can't you? First having a go at people for not paragraphing people, now this.

    Trust me, it was a hurricane. I was there.

    It was, like, really windy.

    People's hats were literally blown off their heads.

    Leaves rustled down the street.

    Twigs bent.

    Windows rattled.

    If that's not a bloody hurricane, I'm a Norwegian pilchard-canner.