Saturday, March 04, 2006


I tried it for a few hours, but found this revolutionary new cycling technique to be less efficient than the traditional one.

(In case you care: taken at pass #2 - the name of which I do not care to remember - on the track between Batang and Baiyu, Sichuan province. Estimated altitude: 4350 metres. +/- 300 metres. Pure guesswork, in fact. Or calculated guesswork, based on knowing starting altitude, distance to pass, and guessing mean gradient.)

(There is a photo of pass #1 below, dated 19th Feb 2006. This one should be dated 20th Feb, but I want to get a photo to the top of my dull pile of words, so I'll give it today's date instead.)


  1. Top buzz, pictures and everything brilliant much better than before keep it up.

    (little)Emily said you "If Ed, put plaits in the beard and he'd look more like a pirate." Which is true I guess.

    All the best from darkest surrey

  2. Well, it's like this.

    Either I ride my bike.

    Or I hang around all day posting pictures on the blog.

    It helps that there's a Test Match on at the moment...

  3. (little) Emily said "the pictures are GREAT! and one every now and then will be fine." I explained that you are ever so busy cycling about, finding places to stay, eating or listening to the cricket. She said "must be ever so hard and you sould come round for a cup of tea and some biscuits soon, perhaps tomorrow?" I'm explaining it now enjoy the cricket.

  4. Hallo Little Emily

    Thank you for your kind invitation to your tea party, I'll be round as soon as the cricket is over.

    I'm going to have to re-name you Very Little Emily, I'm afraid, and I hope it's OK with you.

    You see, the thing is, there is already a Little Emily in my life.

    My long-suffering girlfriend is, as you know, called Emily, but since I also have a sister called Emily, who is half an inch taller, in Genochio family circles, Emily (girlfriend) is Little Emily.

    Sorry it's all so complicated. But three Emilies can get confusing.


  5. Very Little Emily who is probably 2 foot shorter than the shortest Emily in your life said that "Your more than welcome, to come round for tea." But you have to hurry up if it's today as it's dark outside and soon she'll have to go to bed.