Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Question of Plumbing (this morning, part II)

OK, this is a little complicated, so take it slow.

It doesn't help that it's not a very good picture, I know. Apologies.

But basically, here is the score. The washing facilities in the hotel where I'm staying are behind the first complete red-framed window visible above the van.

Until this morning, water was piped thereto by way of (a) some kind of miracle, and (b) the kinky pipe which you can see heading that way above the back end of the van. This pipe is bizarrely suspended from a wire, tied on at strategic points with bits of string, etc.

Unconventional, but it worked. Until this morning.

In the dead hours of the night, some cad climbed a ladder and attached a rubber hosepipe to the metal pipe. The hosepipe leads down to the ground (to the left of the van), and disgorges all the water that is supposed to go to the hotel washroom onto the ground. Whence it flows pretty smartish into the Sequ river.

This sort of thing just isn't on.


  1. Ah well. Just buy a watering can and heat up some water over a fire/stove, or borrow a hose or something.

    Or get yourself some water from the river and find some means of distilling it. (Boil in big pot/container covered over with something that has a pipe running from it into another pot, where the evaporate from the other pot shall trickle to.)

    Or visit a local Baptist church. Or visit the local swimming baths and use their showers (also an opportunity to get some exercise and catch bird flu).

    But yes, unacceptable. Tell them you're not paying full price for this sort of malarky.

    In fact, to show you how much I care, I'd even purchase and send to you a loofah brush and some bars of soap by air-mail if you so wished. I would also send warm water if it were practical - but sadly, tis not...

    Oh and soap, isn't just a scam, like other toiletries. Something about being half hydrophilic and half hydrophobic - helps take dirt and grease off your skin. Makes you a lot cleaner than you would be when using just water. And lubricates things like sponges, to help give yourself a good scrub.

    But yeah, cheapest soap on the market would do the trick.

  2. The bloke that did that bit of plumbing fitted my guttering, similar mistake it's on the inside of the house. Seems to work