Saturday, May 13, 2006

Spot-the-pika: Competition Results

I'm pleased to announce that CW is the winner of last week's Spot The Pika competition.

Here is the winning entry:

Carl, your pika awaits collection from the Tibetan Plateau.


  1. What an awesome blog! This should be in Blogger's "blogs of note."

  2. My prize had better be there when I call in to collect or.

    "I'll Scream till I'm sick!"

  3. Oh man! How could I have missed that! I must have spent at least three or four mornings at work staring at that photo...

    cw, you could go a long way.

    - Rob

  4. most people wish I would!

  5. Oh come oooooon Ed... That just isn't fair.

    *folds arms and looks as though she's about to start crying*

    *Sniff* I circled the wee furball fair and square.

  6. Good point I just cheated but with some degree of style.

    If you want it have, I was only going to sell it to Ray Mears or that posh bloke from River Cottage as a snack you eat between meal which won't fill you up!