Friday, May 12, 2006

Day 252 - Cycling Luotuojuanzi to Hami

Start: Luotuojuanzi, Xinjiang, China
End: Hami, Xinjiang, China
Distance: 63 km
Time: 3'18"
Avg: 19.3 k/h
Max: 29.3 k/h
Total: 11,957 km
Total riding days: 140
Riding hours: 0640 - 1100

A quick sprint through the desert, the mountains of the Tian Shan ahead and to the right, and meltwater-fed oases down to the left.

A nice desert sunrise, too - but spot the discrepancy in this photograph:


  1. Well there's a couple of things

    1. No lights very naughty!
    2. Sun is setting in wrong place or your going north instead of west?
    3. Your not following Asmunds advice and wearing loads of glittery rubbish which would look bloody funny! and a proper target for drive by mugging
    4. Magnificent beard jutting out proudly? Hirsute as nature meant you to look?

    On a another subject how'd you get cheated by a Banana man? I've been wondering about this for a while? Did he slip an apple in and say it was deformed? I'm wondering just exactly how banana's grow in the desert anyway? also if the whole economy depends on them knackered trucks I'm surprised there's anything to eat all? Look forward to a long and concise answer.

    Keep pedalling and stay on the path especially near dark time!

  2. Oh! just read "sunrise!" well that makes another difference.

  3. Surely it's rising in the wrong place. If you're going west, it should be at your back...

    Plus, you're still putting the time in feet and inches and no-one's commented.

    And don't ever worry, if things get really tough out there - I'll come and shave you. I mean save you...


  4. Right I changed my mind if it is indeed a sunrise then your going south. Which is still not WEST direction Olde England, home of cheese and pickle sandwiches, warm beer, rain and stupid laws (PS it's sunny today for a change) Your still not wearing glittery rubbish (welldone!) but you still don't have any lights which is very naughty! also your foots down your not cycling at ALL! there's a strange looking shape like a rail and you've got you foot on it! Cheater!

  5. Totally naked Unidexter sitting on your shoulders?

  6. Well done chaps, it was a sun-position/direction-of-travel question.

    The photograph is in fact a complete fraud - not only because I had to pose facing the wrong the direction, for operational reasons, but also, as CW somehow managed to spot (I thought the picture was dark enough to hide the fact....), I am just pretending to cycle.

    And yes, the totally naked invisible unidexter is sitting on my shoulders. I thought that was pretty well hidden too. CW, your ability to spot things in these photographs is quite uncanny. You must have special software.

  7. Hmmmm. I don't think I'd get away with that on my recumbent - legs sticking out in front of me and all... / そうっかぁ~。僕のリカンベントだったら足が前に突き出しているから、無理だね、それは。

  8. just a couple of mark one eye balls and over active imagination. Plus too much time on hand while pretending to work.

    Don't tell the boss.