Friday, May 05, 2006

Day 245 - cycling to Huahaizi

Start: Dachaidan, Qinghai, China
End: Huahaizi, Qinghai, China
Distance: 155 km
Time: 10'19"
Avg: 14.9 k/h
Max: 39.5 k/h
Total: 11,348 km
Total riding days: 134
Riding hours: 0650 - 1850

Weather: Sandstorms, blizzards, hail, sun, warm, cold, headwinds, tailwinds.

The day began with an absurd escape from the police story which I will tell one. Maybe in the book. (Remember to buy it.)

Dachaidan has fake plastic palm trees.

And, yes, they have detachable nuts.

Two passes, one at 4142 metres - the high-altitude plateau-desert ain't quite over yet. Still snow up there, even in May.

Then back down into more desert, mirage-man-camel-nothing over and over and over.

Overnight at a road depot.

(NB fellow-travellers: there are a lot of daobans marked on the maps. However, all these road depots have been abandonned and are in ruins. There is nothing now between Dachaidan and Huahaizi, apart from a couple of buildings and a herd of sheep at Yuqia / Ike.)


  1. I love the palms, luminous cups and Solar powered travel. Brilliant reminds me of going to a rave back in the old days.

    They really have tours around a cup factory?


  2. [Sings "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead.]