Monday, May 08, 2006

Publishing sensation

Asmund fans may be interested to know that the pink-gloved one now has his own blog at
(Since the contents of Asmund's blog are deemed politically sensitive, readers in China will not be able to access it. (Try!). You can, however, sidestep the Great Patriotic Firewall of the Motherland like this:


  1. Ed!

    Have you given me my very own blog?
    I guess I don`t want it.

    Are you feeling angry today?
    Tired of my "company"?

    Don`t worry. I had planned it to be all over as soon as I saw Dunhuang on your blog.The rest of your ride I considder "safe" and doable. So I go back to do what I did before you came back to China: Read your blog every two weeks or so,posting no comment.

    But what made you so angry now?
    You did ask for information about a sertain visa in Almaty on No one bothered to answer so I came with my outdated answer here.

    Then I did promote nightcycling.
    I love nightcycling so I promoted it to you. But knowing others would read it,like Rob T.,I had to be a bit annoyingly detailed so everyone interested would know it is dangerous and that they should come prepared or at least how to prepare.

    People do use your blog to plan their own bike trips. Now and for as long as this blog stays open.
    A fact you don`t allways considder.

    Was it the joke about "exotic" food?
    Sorry Ed,I guess I got a bit carried away!
    But wasn`t it slightly funny?

    Parting words:
    End of January I started writing here because I thought something was terrible wrong. Now everything is hopefully fine so I`ll leave.

    Goodbye to everyone I have annoyed and/or amused.
    We should all try to live our lives as if we wish and hope to get to at least 80 years of age. The "Live your life as today is the last day of your life" stuff belongs to those who are T.I. and hardly anyone else.

    And to you Ed:
    Good luck with your bikeride back to England!
    Have a nice and long life!




    Oh no! Did I just lose my one and only hobby?
    I wonder if Rob T. got a blog with a comments function...

  2. Skidmark,


    I laugh at myself often.

    I mean, Japan to London on a recumbent?!

    Har har!

    Almost as crazy as biking from England to China and back again.


    - Rob

  3. What a silly question "are your feeling angry?" if top buzz is telling you to wind it in, then do the bloke a favour Also I had a look at your blog it looks really good I'd be pleased as punch perhaps you could write there about death, kill, freeze, the GT test, dressing yourself up as a christmas tree for night cycling, and all that other stuff I'll be sure to drop by and visit funny how it's taken such a long time for Ed to say sling your hook.

    As I would have been more blunt about it, either get an airline ticket, push bike, visa and all that crap and go visit the fella. Or as yer man says zip it for a while as some of your recent stuff has been like unwanted commentary on the snooker.

    Right where was I Oh yeah! The red ball for those of you watching in black and white is next to the green. Do you get what I'm saying.

    I say bring back nurse linda she was a fine lady, and never once mentioned nuffing about the bloody "214 road or plastic pipes with nails in the end, wrapping bangers around your neck or nuffing."

  4. Skidmark,

    Surely it can't be that far to swim...

    - Rob

  5. I can't believe it Asmund got a blog, it looks really good and from what he wrote further down he's got a sulk on! It's got to be because it's totally dark, all the time in sweden, norway or whatever planet he's from and only gets light for a couple a days per year.

    So I guess Asmund is drawn to the light of internet cafe's. that distant seductive glimmering light that's both warm and inviting. The the voices in his head do the rest, if he came wander down my street he'd end up in either a take away or sooner or later the all night chemists. Which is not bad but does not sell lager! damn! However it's got a big display of ruba-luva gear, gloves, socks, hats for heads, hats for helmits and old people's wee-wee pants. He'd fit right in I think they even have those insect net things. Although I think they're used to put the shopping in Surrey.

    Got to dash figure out how i can get my own blog thingy setup.

    This Darkest Surrey signing off for now.

  6. I can't believe how thick I must be. AAARRRGHHH! what is java script and why the hell can't i switch it off.... AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!

    right I'm going back to the pub.

  7. Asmund

    Got a job yet?

    On yer bike!!!


    Norman Tebbit

  8. Am I missing something? Asmund over-contributes in good faith, gets asked not to, carries on in good faith, this goes round several times and nobody dies. Ed responds by making fairly gentle jokes at the expense of Asmund's doom-laden anxieties, including setting up a fake blog, and Asmund feels that Ed's furious with him. I'm confused.
    Other Ed

  9. Well there you go you'll never figure the complex nature of people who are basically starved of sunlight. That's a fact! I'm sure Asmund will be back when he works out, his helter skelter view of the world was a little slanted to fear, angst, death, kill, starve, freeze, dog bits and general negative views of having a wicked adventure.

    I still say bring back nurse linda, as she seem way more sensible than PG aka (rubba lubba)

    Perhaps he'll start back on the medication?

    Anyway still gutted can't my blog to work, might highjack Asmunds as someone carelessly left the username and password lying about and publish my twisted views of reality.

  10. he no speaki di englise so guud so no get di joki! he now sulky fark no more talki-talki! you get!

    He say di-di, liv-di, dog eat Ed di, chilly cold Brrrgh! di, tenti Brrrgh di! hi top no breath di!, no eati-eati no drinki di, big truk no lits sqish squash di, chinkey kik shit ed di, no email talki must be di, all brrgh fristy frosti di, eati-eati wolf time all gone now.

    Ed say "Well old bean I'm still here do put a sock in it as your getting on my nerves. It's my bloody adventure not yours, I've made you a blog so go and have your adventures and tell the world!"

    Asmund no talki the englise so good, not no get messagi he not propa daft! Just no talki so goode like me, you get! just messd up a bit billi no mates yu cee now sulky fark, gone home, no more time for wanka bar, no more time fo Ed and all silly farks who say he daft bouy.

    He no daft he cleeva, get good jub fish cake farktory. All fishcake come inglande soon time, he piss in wata cee who larf last! U all inglishen barstewards no noffing aboot explodration of forin cuntris yous island living gets! wif no sense of feer.

  11. Asmund buddy

    Sorry, I was having a bad day with the banana merchants last week. Don't know why I had to take it out on you.

    You're always welcome on my blog, of course you are.

    I calculated yesterday that I have spent nearly 97 hours over the past few months reading your comments.

    That will have cost me something over 200 kuai -

    - and also set me back at least eight days (assuming I don't go online more than 12 hours/day).

    A week before I crossed the Tibetan Plateau, there was a huge storm.

    Maybe you saved my life, who knows?

    Peace, gloves and fishes -


  12. Other Ed, I was confused too, until I read your summary of the situation; now everything is clear again.

    Thank you.

    Same Ed.