Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day 251 - Cycling from Xingxingxia to Luotuojuanzi

Start: Xingxingxia, Xinjiang, China
End: Luotuojuanzi, Xinjiang, China
Distance: 142 km
Time: 7'54"
Avg: 17.9 k/h
Max: 41 k/h
Total: 11,894 km
Total riding days: 139
Riding hours: 0645 - 1640

A cold, cold morning in the desert.

The roadside is littered with shoes.

The invisible unidexter, naked but for a black leather winkle-picker, hitch-hiking on the desert highway to Urumqi.

A pretty funky hotel for the night, with a pretty funky world-cup-ready water-tower.

For fellow-travellers: there is nothing at all on the road until you reach the oasis at Luotuojuanzi, after about 135 km, except a tin-hut mining operation at around 35 km and a solitary house around 95 km. The map shows other places, the roadsigns say things like "Yandun 73 km", and after 73 km there is a sign that says "Yandun". But that is it, really it. No houses, no people, no camels, not a potato in sight. Just a sign saying "Yandun", and desert.


  1. Not that I know anything about anything but that place with the big football looks. How I'd imaging a brothel to look from the outside.

    Churches don't look like that, unless you go to Vegas.

  2. As if being a unidexter wasn't going to hamper his life long wish to play Tarzan enough, he then became invisible!

    I think it's safe to assume the part's well out of his reach now!


    Peter Cook