Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 271 - Clock-watching in Khorgos

0 km etc.

In 14 hours time they will let me over the border, inshallah. Yesterday I haggled with the borderfolk for a long time. It really wouldn't be such a bad thing to let an honest man into Kazakhstan 2 days before his visa officially starts, would it?

You must wait here, said the borderman. Khorgos (Huoerguosi, the Chinese call it) is a lovely place, said the borderman. Time will fly here, said the borderman.

I am watching the time flying by, on the tips of growing grass.

Meanwhile, there is always the blossom.


  1. I'm sure the border bloke did not say it in such nice english? Did he say "You Beardyman stay there short time, longtime 2 days the chiken is rubbery!"

    how are you getting by in all these different languages? Your panniers must be full with translation books? Or is it lots of pointing?

    from darkest surrey

  2. All looks very lovely. More appealing than Blackburn at the moment.

    It's a bit dispiriting though. I puff my way heroically up a small hillock on my brompton, then log on and suddenly don't feel so intrepid. I think it's the lack of extravagent plaster animals on the roadside - maybe I could do something about that. Anybody got some big elephant moulds and/or industrial quantities of plaster of paris going spare?

  3. Great touring site with nice photos! Your bike deserves to be seen at sitting fully loaded in front of a fantastic backdrop. I'd love to link back to your site too.



  4. My computer has gone slow! God I hate IT stuff... why did Mr. Mircosoft make windows so rubbish why can't it just work and do what I want I'm the bloody customer. You don't go to cafe and say I'll have a nice cup a tea and bacon sandwich with brown sauce please. The greasy old sort with more wrinkles than a rice pudding behind the counter says "Nah sorry luv I'm just scanning, d-fragging sorting my root files and got a mardy on so will be with you in 4 hours!" They say "Coming right up and do you want two slices with that cholestrol express breakfast your going to stuff down your hole"

    (Windows is load of shit)... AAAARRRGGHHHH! I feel better now.

    I'm bored make Asmund come back!

    I've not had any death, die, fry die, kill, freeze, rubber gloves, killer dogs, killer roads, stick CD's to your head. In over a week and abit atleast, perhaps he's been eaten by a bear? I might have to write to the Embassy again get them do send interplod round. Kick him out of his scrather.

    Actually even better if I say Bin Laden is hiding out with Asmund they'll have him back online in a jiffy.

    Nice pictures but you need abit of comedy to put a spring back in your life.

    Keep pedalling all th best.

  5. Loiq, back up everthing that's important and then use the system recovery CDs to format your hard drive and re-install windows. I did that the other day and the old girl is running like a charm. Everything's still in some crazy oriental language, but I suppose there isn't much I can do about that apart from forking out for an Engrish language pack...

    - Rob

  6. well if it would let me back things up, the swine has disabled itself. Got in a sulk so I'm using the IR port (oh my god) to get the data out it's SoOOOOoooooO SLOW! Are Engrish RanguArge pack yeah I had the same with my laptop in japan there was mad button near the bottom of the keyboard was told never to touch it. So I did (well sh*t a brick) it turned everything into about 6 version of japanese and chinese characters. Looked really cool but amde no sense and Nobody told about the button I should touch to get rid of it. Back to right propa engrisch.

    Got to dash it's beeping away like a casio keyboard obviously wants something.

    ta for PC advice keep on recumbering

  7. You still watching the clock? It must be very interesting?