Saturday, May 13, 2006

Get this

For the hard-core nothing-better-to-doers among you, an experimental new service, brought to you with revolutionary new technology developed in conjunction with the CIA, Nasa, and the Communist Party of China:

The 2wheels blog by email in real-time!

Never miss a post again!

What does it do? Any new post, or comment, on the 2wheels blog, gets zapped straight to your email inbox, instantly, as it happens, and in, like, real time, man.

Why would I want that? Search me.

How does it work? That's a trade secret.

How much does it cost? The 2wheels blog email notification service is being offered at the incredible introductory price of 0 Peruvian zlotys a month. (Terms and conditions apply.)

What's that in Her Majesty's Pound Sterling? Works out at about 0 pounds, 0 shillings and 0 pence, at current exchange rates.

I'm sold. How do I get it? Just send an empty email to, sit back, and wait for your life never to be the same again.

What about the old monthly 2wheels update list? That will carry on just as before.

Can we have a picture now please? Sure, have two.

See what big wheels I have? And what steep hills I climb?

Hami moon.


  1. It would be great, by the way, if someone were to sign up for this, just so I can see whether it works....

    Just send a blank email to

    and the world will be your oyster.

    And you won't need to keep logging on here to see if CW, PG & Co. have posted any nonsense recently...

  2. Edward thanks for the recommendation, I've signed up; it works perfectly!

    It drew my immediate attention to the Bullsh*t theories of Mr Rob Thomson.

    Mind you, Stephen Hawkin and his mates seem to have been witling away at my theories over the last few years;
    Dark matter?
    String theory?
    What the f%£k's all that about?!

    Albert E

    PS Edward, have you sorted the difference between pedal and wheel revs yet?

  3. Done.

    Can't be missing out on any of Al's great knowledge that he so kindly imparts.

    - Rob

  4. Edward I've revised my opinion on this. It's crap, it's stopped working after only a couple of days!

    Typical of modern technology; too keen to launch to market, no beta testing, numpty IT mindset blah blah blah....

    At least because Google don't charge for the privaledge of supplying poor service there's one silver lining on the very black cloud of computer hardware/software rip off's I suppose.

    Get back to blackboards and notebooks, that's what I say!

    I guess your postage bill would be quite high though Edward. Imagine having to send us all postcards; there again, due to the miniscule number of people contributing to this blog, it probably wouldn't break your bank.


    Albert E

  5. Albert,

    I must agree...something's not right. I haven't got any updates at all..

    Edward, looks like you've got something curly to work on.

    - Rob