Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 266 - Cycling from Kuitun to somewhere in the Xinjiang steppe

Start: Before Kuitun, Xinjiang, China
End: Somewhere after Kuitun, Xinjiang, China
Distance: 120 km
Time: 6'37"
Avg: 18.1 k/h
Max: 40 k/h
Total: 12,926 km
Total riding days: 170
Riding hours: 0920 - 2030

Sad news about one of PG's distant cousins:

Nice highways they build out here.

Squatting technique still needs some work.


  1. shoes, gloves whatever next you'll have a bloody good wardrobe that "wurzel gumage" would be proud to own if you keep going like this!

  2. Superb photos as ever Mr Genochio.

    P.S. How was your bum after that 202km ride?