Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pika news

The ever-alert CW has spotted another pika:

I thought my bike was feeling a little heavy the other day... and my biscuit stocks seemed inexplicably low.


  1. Looked better when I put it on your head as a davy crockett hat! That really set me off.

  2. Pika were on David Attenborough's Life of Mammals on UK History this morning. They have cute squeaks.

    They're also rather clever considering...

    They store food for the winter selectively. The least poisonous plants become edible sooner, and the most poisonous last till winter's out.

    What clever rodents. Have you seen them eat flowers?

  3. I don't want to spoil the magic but my pika is the hamster thing out of the caddyshack film. Best remembered for funniest use of turd shaped chocolate bar in swimming pools scene.

    the pika (rat/hamster/rat) things are very cute but mine made the bloke out of "ghostbusters and lost in translation" say some right bad things with a hosepipe stuck between his legs.... "I'll teach you the meaning of respect!!!" (very very wrong! you need to watch this seminal piece of work) Brilliant makes me laugh now... very wrapped but funny... might have something to do with the cheap screw top wine I've been slugging but I'm wetting myself laughing (neighbours must love me!!!lowering house prices near you soon)

    Also if the proportions are right the golf ball was the size of the epcot centre the pika (rat/hamster thing) would have been 45m tall(150 foot for those watching in Black and White), you'd crap your pants for sure if one of them came looking for a snack...

    "In the desert no one can hear you scream!" semi original film strap line

    I'll see if I can havest the turd shaped chocolate and slip it into the next picture. So Ed try and compose the picture to make it easy if possible. My imagination is huge and twisted but my skills rely on this electronic etcha-sketch understanding what I want to achive.

    got to dash have a £1.75 chardonay chilling in freezer and want to capture it's pure essence and flavour before it becomes a slush puppy.

  4. Don't drink and post.

    Oh and pika are rodents. Give them the proper respect they deserve, rather than just defining them in relation to their rodent cousins.

    Pikachu is a pika! Think about it!

  5. erm is a hamster not a rodent then?

  6. CW, a bottle of £1.75 Chardonay???

    That'll probably taste like rodent piss, even chilled to the point of slush puppy. The rodent resposible could be a rat, hamster or pika.


    Keith Floyd

  7. It was qualitay chardonay had a scew top for easy access and everything!

    Hamster, rat, rodent, pika whatever all look the same at the end of a shotgun!

  8. You should check out her blog there plenty of fur there!


  9. Asmund come back.,,,,come back,,,. A . s . m . u . n . d! come back are you out there!??! it's so quiet here without you.

    I need to read about Freeze, death, die, dogs, gualtamala tests, the 214 gets me hot and how to decorate yourself with glitter and CD's. sounds so much fuunn!

    Pink is the colour for a new generation and rubber well thats down to your own preferences I guess? But i'm willing to try it for you.

    Oh do come back I know those nasty boys kicked your ball out of the park but they are only jealous as you've been everywhere and done it all.

  10. cw said...
    "erm is a hamster not a rodent then?"

    And I said before that...

    "Give them the proper respect they deserve, rather than just defining them in relation to their rodent cousins."

    Errr... Yeah...

  11. read it twice.

    nah! still don't get!

  12. I meant you oughtn't keep referring to pika merely in relation to hamsters or rats as though pika have no value in themselves.

    It's like constantly calling me (my brother) Jamie's sister, as though that's the only way I can be defined.

    That's what I meant when I said:

    "Give them the proper respect they deserve, rather than just defining them in relation to their rodent cousins."

    It was light-hearted though. I'm not a member of Save The Pika, or something.

  13. Dear New screen name pending

    I can't help thinking the Pika would have some difficulty in appreciating the subtlety of your argument. I imagine as long as they've got food and water and aren't freezing or burning to death they're probably quite content.

    Whether we use the term vermin, rat, son of hammy or daughter of the devil incarnate I imagine they'll be fairly un-moved due to the fact they don't understand. Pika appreciating respect; what has the world come to?

    Next you'll be suggesting it's wrong to eat meat!


    John Paul Sartre

    PS you've got quite an odd name for someone so hung up on perfect taxonomy. Does it ever stop pending and become your genuine name?

  14. Ed, I envy you.

    I'm just going over the route I followed last year on my John O Groats to Lands End ride and I wish I had the guts, good fortune, and testicular fortitude to pack my stuff, up sticks and keep going the way you do. Don't stop pedalling!

  15. Nope must be having a thick moment again.

    Still don't get it?

    but feel content in my ignorance.

    PS don't go to scotland it's raining

  16. We at the Pika Liberation Front would like to to make the following statement. Since the oppression of our fellow brothers and sisters we sought dialogue with representatives of the PRC. Todate we have not been acknowledged as the rightful soveregin nation of the desert regions. We therefore have no alternative but to declare a period of pika unrest.

    Our aims will be to destablise the central government by chewing at the very fibres of the oppressors infrastructure. Something our crack troops have been preparing for a long time.

    Watch this space for further developments, If you wish to send financial support please send these to The Grand High and Supreme Leader of the Pika Nation also known as "Bob" PO BOX 630 Auckland Airport, Auckland 1003, New Zealand


  17. Bugger me the rats can read and write!

    Looks like they've got themselves a bit of a terrorist organisation together as well. I hope George W Bush doesn't find out, he'll have the US air force bombing Bob at Auckland Airport.


    John Paul Sartre

    PS Bob, when you make such threats it's probably not such a good idea to give your location away. Reading and writing you seem to have conquered. I guess the tactics of guerrilla warfare are still a little beyond you.

  18. Well actually old bean we're sponsored by uncle sam so don't think they'll drop one on us? I must say however I did take the "X" off the roof just incase one was flying past looking to get some. (You know what they're like!)

    PS my name is not really Bob it's Sebastian but don't tell anyone.

  19. Ed, I've been following your journey for a while now and was just wondering how you kept yourself looking so youthful?

    We all know my secret but whats yours?

  20. Bob/Sebastian

    We're talking US air force here. I think you would be better to keep the X on the roof. You know how good they are at hitting everything EXCEPT the intended target. With you being sponsored by them, I would fully expect you to be their first bit of collateral damage.


    General Sir Mike Jackson
    British Army

  21. I prefer being addressed as either "Your Grace" or "The Supreme Leader of the Pika Nation" as we've not been formally introduced. I do find if you don't stand on a little formality allsorts of things just slip under the radar. Next you'll be calling me "Buddy" like the chap from the CIA.

    Fearing that we might well become part of yet another US bombing victory, we have chosen to locate ourselves in New Zealand. Even the Yanks would find it hard to explain why they've bombed the dickens out of the Auckland. While I might have the brain the size of a peanut I'm not totally stupid.

    Did you attend Sandhurst Academy Mr. Jackson? One of my 3003 cousin's there at the moment. He's very fond of the Lawns outside the Officers Mess. "Very tasty!" indeed according to his emails, I do look forward to being invited by your Queen. When we receive the full international recognition we rightly deserve. I think I'll call her "Betty" she does look ever so nice from the stamps I've seen.

  22. The Supreme Leader of the Pika Nation?

    Or to quote CW from earlier in the string....

    'Hamster, rat, rodent, pika whatever all look the same at the end of a shotgun!'

    Next time I'm at Sandhurst Acadamy I'll be taking my shotgun.

    Mike Jackson
    The Queens (Betty's)Own Ratcatcher

  23. I am reliably informed that Pikas can be rabid. If we don't hear from Ed for longer than three days, I feel it safest to assume that he is foaming at the mouth, convulsing, hallucinating, and attempting to chew the ankles of passing locals.

  24. Nick, well done for replacing Asmund as arbinger of doom! Unusual method of demise but never the less 8.7 from the judges of doom.

    Sounds like one of those cheesey '70's horror films with Pika's replacing the Piranaha's! When they exhausted the whole fishy look, the clever producers thought up (while eating too many mushrooms omlettes!) Piranaha's had been modified and crossed with flying fish to make secret military weapon.

    Needless to say film was a mega cheese and the only stars you might see where the ones if you fell over in the cinema (During the stampeed to get out)

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