Monday, May 01, 2006

The gloves are off

Does anyone have any information about Ruth "Yellow Gloves"? She made a brief appearance a few weeks ago, and hasn't been seen since.
I was thinking she might make a perfect partner for Lonely of Trondheim, a.k.a. Pink Gloves, a.k.a. Asmund.


  1. No,nothing today either.

    Maybe Ruth is trying to sort out what kind of man I am by looking at what I have written earlier?
    Maybe I should sum it all up to make it easier for her?

    Well let me see: I am 190 tall and eh,uhh,34? years old.
    Ehhhh,I have two no lets say uhh, three jobs.
    Eh,in my uhh,big house I let my mom have one room.
    And oh yes in my uhh,big backyard I run an eh,animal shelter for ehhhh,stray uhh,dogs.

    That reminds me Ed.
    You have several times lately suggested I am a whalekiller just because I was forced to eat whale meat as a child.

    Now you Ed:
    How many times the last few years have you ordered dog meat in a Chinese restaurant/eatingplace?

    I have never ordered dog meat as far as I know,but sometimes I go to the kitchen and just point at the meat I want to eat.
    Not knowing where it came from.
    I allways make shure it is not whalemeat though.
    I do so by lying on the kitchen floor and make whale moves and whale sounds.
    To mime what I am not able to say.



    No,I can`t sign this.
    It feels like I got one of the facts wrong.

  2. I was looking back to make sure I'd not missed anything and found the ruth comment. could she be on your mailing list? or is that Asmund also what happens if she a fake bird and actually a bloke called clive. I guess Asmund could sue her/him under trade discriptions act.

  3. ygc?????????????????????????????????

  4. ygr???

    I wonder where she is?
    Maybe something is wrong?
    What if she has planned some impossible and deadly bikeride she has no experience in and not a possibility to survive?

    And then maybe her boyfriend dumps her or something else goes wrong in her life.
    She just can`t handle it and doesn`t care if she lives or dies and then she starts on her impossible bikeride.

    She should be stopped before nature ends her life!!!
    Anyone who knows her nationality???

    Hang on!
    I have been down this road before haven`t I?
    Hmmmm. Could it be "yge"?
    What if Ed "made her up" just to get my mind off him. So he could go with whatever he is doing right now. Without me asking questions.

    I found some information on the net pointing him in the direction of Dunhuang. But what if it was a big scam just to trick me?

    By the way I finally figured out how he managed to survive the Tibetan Plateau. He left many clues but I just didn`t see them before now. One clue was the day he lured a dog 10 km away from its owner. After that came a number of photos of him making food by the road/track side. That was the reason why he never complained about dog attacks. They were not a problem but a constant supply of varm blood and fresh meat! And off course it was all free.

    Free and maybe tasty?
    Wait a minute! I have a endless supply of stray dogs. I could allways try it out to see if there is a good reason why he got a constant craving for dog meat. Even if I am hooked it won`t cost me a thing! And think of all the money I can save!

    ygr,ygc,yge or Ed`s wereabouts-never mind.

    Got to go! Dinner is barking!


  5. Ed,

    Your blog is hilarious.

    The bits you write are interesting too.

    - Rob

  6. erm... nah... the moments gone and I forgot the funny thing I was going to write. I must it's true Ed's blog is better than watching telly for sure.

    Also bloody brilliant how a police dog called rocky's predicted Prescott down fall about two weeks before it happend. By revealing his nickname "the vermin" and his special taste for cheap multipacks of larger.

    So Unless Asmund been out catching creatures for animal centre to impress Ruth. We should ask Rocky to come up with some more dirt on No. 10 or 11.

  7. Hang on Asmund my old chum! a few postings ago you made up Nurse Linda. Now your saying that Ed's made up Ruth to get back at you?

    I thought this blog was all about adventure, cycling, travel and more adventure.

    Has the aims of this blog changed to encompass the alternative life style of cross dressing?

    As I can't picture Ed cycling along in a flowery dress with all that facial hair. (It's just seems wrong!)

    So could the real Ruth please stand up!