Thursday, May 04, 2006

Day 244 - cycling to Dachaidan

Start: Xitieshan Lukou, Qinghai, China
End: Dachaidan (a.k.a. Daqaidam), Qinghai, China
Distance: 71 km
Time: 5'54"
Avg: 12.1 k/h
Max: 27.2 k/h
Total: 11,193 km
Total riding days: 133
Riding hours: 0815 - 1515

They're building the road out here, which means, for the time being, a lot of sand.

Into which big heavy trucks drive, one after another, and get stuck, one after another.

Sometimes it's good to be on a bike.

1 comment:

  1. It might help if the trucker bloke in the red one bought new tyres! They look abit below the legal limit to me.