Monday, October 17, 2005

Help - has anyone seen my hotel?

More from the mailing list:

Sorry to trouble your inboxes twice in one day, but since I last
wrote, I've had a little difficulty locating my hotel... and my
bicycle... and all my worldly belongings...

As I walked out of the hotel a couple of hours ago, I took care to
note that it was the one just down the road from the bus station, at
the back of a shoe shop.

Returning to that street, down the road from the bus station, I now
find a row of at least twenty shoe shops, each indistinguishable from
the next to the naked eye, and all with much-of-a-muchness guesthouses
at the back.

I have now walked into about a dozen of these places, looked around
for something familiar (my bicycle, for example), failed to find
anything, smiled feebly, muttered something in half-Chinese about
"silly me", and walked out again.

This process is easy enough the first few times, but as I get deeper
into double figures, I'm starting to feel more than a little

So I suppose I'm just sending this message on the off-chance that the
proprietress of 'my' hotel is on my mailing list; if you are, could
you please stand outside and wave, in about ten minutes' time?

Thank you very much.


  1. Hey Ed, hope you found your bike and stuff! Let us know - where all on egg shells here ;) - keep us posted and take care mate!

  2. Holly cow! I hope the situation is getting better...or resolved by now. As I've just got in and it will take abit of time for me to come over to help in finding the place.

    Perhaps it was those pottery folk from the last town? angry at you throwing they're stuff away and exacting some strange form of revenge on you! Karma and all that...



    PS I emailled that bloke from the longwayround today got a read receipt but no answer yet.

  3. I'm slightly concerned that you can lose something the size of a hotel...I hope it is now found. And your bike - does that mean that you will have to get on a plane again?

  4. Have you been taken by Aliens? as you seem to have disappeared yourself? Or am I missing a clue here? It's been 5 days are you sleeping in a cardboard box at the bus stop? and dancing for food?