Thursday, October 13, 2005

Day 41 - Sanjiang to Rongshui

Start: Sanjiang, Guangxi province (south-western China)
End: Rongshui, Guangxi province (pretty much due south of Sanjiang)
Distance: 119 km
Time: 6'45"
Avg: 17.6 k/h
Max: 54 k/h
Total: 2884 km
Total riding days: 33
Roadkill: Butterflies
Riding hours: 0910 - 1800

Downhill all day, more or less, on a perfect new road. Very dull. One pass - but that has now been cut off by a tunnel, so not even any climbs to keep the mind occupied.

Rongshui is, unexpectedly, set among very picturesque limestone karst scenery, of the sort more famously found around Guilin and Yangshuo. For some reason, the tourists haven't arrived in Rongshui, but it's every bit as pretty and karsty. The town itself isn't much, but there are nice little roads in the villages round about.

Most of the day's riding was dull and downhill on the new road south, nothing much to look at and no trees for shade. The last 20 km, off the main road, were lovely, down shaded lanes and along the river.

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