Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Day 33 - Huangping to Kaili

Start: Huangping, Guizhou province (China)
End: Kaili, Guizhou province (China)
Distance: 67km
Time: 5'29"
Avg: 12.1 k/h
Max: 52 k/h
Total: 2317 km
Total riding days: 25
Roadkill: Didn't notice any
Riding hours: 0950 - 1800

Laurent and Anouck were right. More hills. Populated, it is said, by
hill tribes, which stands to reason. Chong'an village is supposed to
be very exciting on market days. Today wasn't a market day. It was
nice and quiet. Matang village is famous for its Gejia people who have
been making batik things for over 2,000 years, apparently. I wonder
who bought batik things 2,000 years ago, I don't suppose they had many
backpackers in those days. It is a fine place to visit if you enjoy
surround-sound high-pressure batik salesladies.

The road to Kaili cuts through an impressive limestone gorge,
apparently with coal mines deep inside the limestone. I am not a
geologist so I don't know if this is possible, but there were
certainly mineworkings with coal coming out and coal trucks beating up
and down the road hauling the stuff down to the giant Kaili power

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  1. Eduardo - you nutter!! I somehow managed to miss the momentous piece of news that involved you riding back again. You are extraordinary. Just couldn't face life without the wildman of Borneo beard hey!? (Robin will be apalled after all his handiwork.) Thanks for the photos of the 24 people with their fire engine red wheelchairs (there's something so wonderfully utilitarian about them), it will be life-changing for all of them and they look so happy. Can I post any of the photos on your site so other people can see why you're doing this to yourself? Big hugs from the PPA gals and good luck navigating the dust, dust, dust (very "Little Britain!"), the batik saleswomen and the PRC constabulary. Chin up, and all that. VG x (PS - I have retold your western siberian horsefly story many times in order to amplify my proposal story! Finally tied the knot a month ago)