Saturday, October 22, 2005

Day 50 - Shangsi to Ningming

Start: Shangsi, Guangxi province (south-western China)
End: Ningming, Guangxi province (approx 1-7 deg E, 22 deg N)
Distance: 127 km
Time: 7'30"
Avg: 16.9 k/h
Max: 50.5 k/h
Total: 3525 km
Total riding days: 39R
Roadkill: My puncture-free record
Riding hours: 1000 - 1900

Hoped for a fast good road with a tailwind and a descent. Got the tailwind... The road west from Shangsi is in a bad way, I think they are 'working on it', which means basically turning it into a rocky sandpit. Next year it will probably be a beautiful dual carriageway.

I GOT A PUNCTURE! I am very excited about this because it is my first since England, 24,000 km ago.


  1. 24,000kms with no punctures!

    Have you been using pnumatic tyres?

    I can get a puncture going to the shops and back.

    Simon B Leeds UK

  2. The mind boggles!! I'm lucky with punctures too, but not that lucky. On one trip, my little brother got 4 punctures - his first long distance cycling trip ever. I got none.
    Enjoy VietnAm. (short A)