Monday, October 17, 2005

Day 45 - Bingyang to Nanning

Start: Bingyang, Guangxi province (south-western China)
End: Nanning, Guangxi province (Capital city of Guangxi)
Distance: 97 km
Time: 4'59"
Avg: 19.5 k/h
Max: 46 k/h
Total: 3285 km
Total riding days: 37
Roadkill: Little yellow ducklings
Riding hours: 0720 - 1400

Flier of a ride, averaged over 21 km/h until I got into Nanning and started looking for accommodation. That is fast for me on a laden bike. Nanning is a huge and modern looking city, not what I expected. I have just put my passport in to the Vietnamese consulate here for a visa. It costs 400 RMB and takes 3 days to process. A smile from the consular officer is not included in the price.

Accommodation is a little hard to find in Nanning if your budget is tight. Most cheap places turn foreigners away (which is rare in China these days, though it used to be the norm), and everywhere has jacked up their prices in any case because there is a big China-ASEAN expo of some sort going on, plus a Folk Singing Festival starting tomorrow.

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