Monday, October 10, 2005

Day 38 - Langpao to Zhaoxing

Start: Langpao, Guizhou province (south-western China)
End: Zhaoxing, Guizhou province (village north-east of Congjiang)
Distance: 29km
Time: 2'48"
Avg: 10.4 k/h
Max: 59 k/h
Total: 2659 km
Total riding days: 30
Roadkill: None, except a drowned rat in the river in Zhaoxing
Riding hours: 0815 - 1200

Zhaoxing is a pretty village which I'll tell you all about some other time. Staying in the Potato Service Hotel, mainly because it is called the Potato Service Hotel, and I have always wanted to stay in a hotel called the Potato Service Hotel.

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