Saturday, October 01, 2005

Day 29 - Anjiang to Huitong

Start: Anjiang, Hunan province
End: Huitong, Hunan province
Distance: 93km
Time: 6'47"
Avg: 13.7 k/h
Max: 40 k/h
Total: 1974 km
Total riding days: 21
Roadkill: My clean-slate criminal record
Riding hours: 0800 - 2000

I have been arrested by the Huitong police for being in an area that is not open to aliens. I must remember to retract my little green antennae when I'm not using them.

My passport has been confiscated and I have been told that I will be expelled from the province at 6.30 tomorrow morning.

Quite a nice ride, until the boys in blue (formerly the boys in green) showed up.

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