Monday, October 31, 2005

Day 59. Sapa, Vietnam

No kilometres or any of that nonsense.

I'm going to try a DIY fix of my freehub, but I'm a bit nervous as to how long it will hold for. In any case, I'll stay here in Sapa for a few days to give the bike a bit of a break.

Thanks to the Magazine Formerly Known as Voyage (and now known as Asia And Away, which has too many A's in it for my liking), I am staying in the lap of luxury here, at the Victoria Hotel. It is very amusing. A woman comes around at 6pm every evening to 'turn down your bed', as if I wouldn't be able to climb in otherwise. Even better, they fold down the end of the toilet roll for you, in case otherwise you might cut yourself on the sharp corners.

Perhaps this is everyday life in 4-star world. All a bit odd after my usual sort of lodging-place, where 'service' means they might have changed the sheets this year.

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