Saturday, October 29, 2005

Day 57 - Bac Ngam to Lao Cai

Start: Bac Ngam, Vietnam
End: Lao Cai, on the Chinese border on the Red River in north-western Vietnam.
Distance: 46 km
Time: 3'31"
Avg: 13.1 k/h
Max: 29.9 k/h
Total: 4131 km
Total riding days: 46
Roadkill: I was hungry, I wasn't looking.
Riding hours: 0630 - c.1100.

The dry season in Vietnam begins in November, so I suppose I can't complain that it rained very hard this morning. I got very, very wet, and cold too, even here in the tropics. The rivers are swollen and red with the washed-out soil from the mountains.

China is 50 metres away across the bridge. I will cycle up into the hills to Sapa tomorrow, though; I will be back in China in January, insh'allah.

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