Sunday, October 30, 2005

Day 58 - Laocai to Sapa

Start: Laocai, Vietnam 104 deg E, 22 deg N
End: Sapa, south-west of Laocai
Distance: 37 km
Time: 4'02"
Avg: 9.2 k/h
Max: 34 k/h
Total: 4168 km
Total riding days: 47
Roadkill: Broken freehub.
Riding hours: 0830 - 1300

Uphill the whole way. Rain and mist and cloud the whole way. At least it wasn't a hot climb. Cold at the top. And a broken freehub to go with it all. Bit of a problem, that, no more bicycling for me until I get that fixed/replaced.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Edward,

    have a nice day or two of rest. And then hit the road again. You are just an insperation for us who are plannig to do something similar..Long bike trip.:) Keep padeling.

    Take care & be good,